Leon Isaac Kennedy, Actor (19 Titles) Year

Skeleton Coast

When this role was offered to me I was excited about Starring with Academy Award Winner, Ernest Borgnine – Oliver Reed and Robert Vaughn. At that time, a pretty formidable cast.
Also the adventure of shooting in Africa! The script never really came together. Good Cast, alas, no story.  
I consoled myself by doing a “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and toured other parts of Africa.

Hollywood Vice Squad

Back then this was an all-star cast in a rollicking film meant to go a couple of notches higher than Miami Vice and maybe spin off into a TV series.


Knights of the City

Best movie I ever did – yet the most heartbreaking. The film I delivered was not what was 2 years later, seen on screen. I had Sammy Davis, Jr. – in what would have been his last film.
I was one of the 1st to put Rappers in a Major Motion Picture – Curtis Blow, The Fat Boys – Run DMC. Cast 100 of the world’s greatest Break Dancers. Some of the best break dancin’ ever seen on screen. And a killer sound score.  All of which was cut out by studio execs.
As a Filmmaker, it still hurts when I know how the original would have connected with it’s audience. Only saving grace, Michael Franzese and I became life long friends.

Too Scared to Scream

Thanks to Mike Connors for wanting me for this role.
Great Cast – Academy Award Winner Ann Archer and everybody’s favorite – he never stops working, Ian McShane.
However, being a film historian my biggest kick was meeting Maureen O’Sullivan. – (She played a cameo in the film). Maureen was the original Jane in “Tarzan” way back in 1932.

Lone Wolf McQuade

People always ask what was it like to work with Chuck Norris? – It was a pleasure!
What a great guy… we’d work out together. One of his heroes was Muhammad Ali – one of mine was Bruce Lee. He told me “Bruce Stories”, I supplied “Ali Adventures”.  Great Cast, David Carradine, Barbara Carrera and Robert Beltran.
Thanks to director Steve Carver and Producer Yoram Ben-Ami.

Body and Soul

This film doesn’t receive enough exposure. I was very proud of the film. I was able to make a deal with Cannon Films – to not just Star – but to Write and Produce this film.
In negotiations I told Menahem, I wanted to have Jayne as the female lead. Later she won an NAACP Image Award for her role.
What a great honor to be in the boxing ring with “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali! Thanks to the wonderful Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus.
For these sentimental reasons this is one of my favorite participatory films.


No matter what field you’re in everyone needs a break. As an actor, one needs the right vehicle to show what they can really do.
I will always be thankful to Jamaa Fanaka, for giving me my “break” casting me as “Too Sweet” in “Penitentiary. –
At the beginning it was a little film that no one believed in, but the participants.
We had the last laugh. That little film – became the smash hit – Number 1 Independent Film of the Year. 2 sequels – “Penitentiary II” and “Penitentiary III”. Jamaa and I became and remained life long friends.



Death Force aka Fighting Mad

What can I say, it was the first Starring role for me and for Jayne.  We were both cast by Producer Bob Waters.

A great adventure to do this film in the Philippines.  Directed by Cirio Santiago.  The main Stars were James Iglehart and Carmen Argenciano.

Like one’s first love, one always remembers their 1st starring role.

Major Documentaries Year
azusa2The Azusa Street 100 Revival DocumentariesIn 2006 – The Azusa Street Revival – celebrated its 100th Anniversary. – Over 150,000 Christians came to Los Angeles from all around the globe to participate in this Global Celebration. – Anyone that is Pentecostal or Charismatic, now over 650 million worldwide – received their roots from the Azusa Street Revival.Leon Isaac Kennedy was chosen with his partner, Evangelist Tim Storey to produce the official 6 hour documentary – for this historic once in a lifetime event.The Documentary has since aired on Trinity Broadcast Network – the world’s largest Christian Network.  This Documentary, Written, Produced and Hosted by Kennedy – had participation from many of this country’s and the world’s top Christian leaders.It has subsequently, played in over 82 countries.To read more – Or to order – Click Here –  2006

The 100 Year Celebration Of The Church Of God In Christ DVD

In 2007, Kennedy worked with the former Presiding Bishop Gilbert Patterson and now Presiding Bishop Charles Blake – to Write, Produce and Co-host the prestigious 100 Year History of the Church of God in Christ.Contains Actual Live Footage of Bishop C. H. MasonThis historical visual narrative is told not only by vintage Pentecostal historians… but through the recall of Presiding Bishop C. E. Blake and former Presiding Bishops, Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., Bishop L. H. Ford, Bishop C. D. Owens and Bishop G. E. Patterson.From distinguished leaders of the church one can reflect and share personal memories and anecdotes woven into the pilgrimage where the Saints have trod. It is a journey blessed by signs and wonders, sacrifice and suffering all forming a mosaic that reflects The First 100 Years of The Church Of God In Christ!This documentary places the history, the legacy and vital contributions of The Church Of God In Christ in historical perspective.

Bio-Docs Year
mary_CD From the Series – Ordinary People that did Extraordinary Things!

Mary Davis – Her Way

Back in the 1950’s when it wasn’t the thing to do, Mary broke all the barriers, becoming one of the first women’s race car drivers, she was dubbed, “the world’s fastest woman”!Later, Mary broke the good ole’ boy, men only circle – you see women were not doing major business in the 1950’s. Mary found a piece of land, went out and got various loans and developed it into the prestigious “Portofino Resort” in Redondo Beach, California.Even more astoundingly, Mary was able to accomplish these great feats while being a battered wife – physically, mentally and emotionally. The indomitable Mary eventually simply paid him off to gain her freedom. She later retired and traveled the world on her yacht, aptly named “The Portofino”. Her story is an inspiration to all.

BioDocs – Written, Produced and Directed by Leon Isaac Kennedy

She was physically, mentally and emotionally abused.

Eventually, the indomitable Mary to gain her freedom, simply paid her husband off.

 mercede_king _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thomas Taffet: The Mercedes King

Long before he became The Mercedes King – Thomas left behind – Family – All Material Assets – Everything but the car he was driving in his escape from Romania to freedom.He lived and worked out of a service garage in Germany for over a year – to save enough to buy used cars, fix and sell them for profit.The Master Mechanic bought and sold enough cars to become a collector. – Thomas has owned more prestigious cars from Kings – Queens – Dictators and Celebrities than any other worldwide collector. Long live Rhonda, his Queen and Thomas Taffet: The Mercedes King”!


Dr. Phillip Goudeaux

The Life!

The Call!

The Legacy!


Written, Produced and Directed by Evangelist and renowned Hollywood Filmmaker     

Leon Isaac Kennedy –

As a tribute to his Spiritual Father, Dr. Phillip Goudeaux –

This inspirational documentary chronicles how – Goudeaux “came from the bottom of the bottom”.

Had 4 last names –

As a young adult – in one day found out who had raised him as “Mom”, was not his mother.  Who he had been told was his “Dad” – was not his father.

In the turbulent 60’s – he now found himself a “Black Panther” – who in truth had a White mother!

Yet, through the redeeming grace of Jesus, —

He went from the Black Panther’s Minister of Defense – to one of the nation’s outstanding “Ministers for the Lord”.

         A Ministry that has taught hundreds of thousands and touched millions.

This anointed story will teach – touch and inspire!



(916) 929-5725

 brady _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Brady Keys, Jr.

“This is a must view for any would be entrepreneur who wants to learn how to – start a business.And for those who must now adapt and reinvent themselves, this is your instructional manual.

Brady Keys, Jr. is the Jackie Robinson of Black Business in America! He was the Trail Blazer that opened the doors!

The Jay Z’s – Magic Johnson’s – Michael Jordan’s, certainly any athlete regardless of Color, that has a franchise, distributorship, dealership, or is doing major business, all owe Brady a big “Thank You”! His fierce determination, tenacity, and inventiveness opened the doors. Brady was the first in over 8 major categories. Certainly not in the least, his story helps to inspire those with no hope and no expectations.

As Brady always says, “You’ve got to believe in your God and believe in yourself. Dare to Dream and win!” It’s been my privilege to document his story and to be his friend for over 30 years.”

Leon Isaac Kennedy